Road Crew

Our road crew is responsible for maintaining ### miles of roads within the township limits. You may see them out there repairing potholes, fixing drainage ditches, mowing grass along the shoulders, maintaining traffic signs, picking up litter, and of course plowing snow & salting / cindering whenever the need arises. They have a tremendous responsibility to keep all of our roads in good, safe condition- a sometimes thankless job which they do quite well. Here are a few tips to help make their job a bit easier (and safer!):

  • SLOW DOWN whenever you see a road crew out working. Get into the opposite lane (as far and safe as possible) when passing a work site. Obey the signage & beware of potential hazards!

Snow Removal

With winter here, we must remember that dreaded four-letter word… S N O W. The road crew tries to be out servicing the roads at least 2 hours before the school buses start transporting students to school. The major roads of the Township are opened first, with the side roads and developments being opened next. When all the roads are opened, the crew will go back and widen each road and clean up the intersections.

The Union Township Road crew asks that you keep your vehicles parked out of the path of their plowing route to allow access to the curb or property line. All other structures, including portable basketball nets, should be removed from the right of way. If possible, wait for your street to be plowed before opening up your driveway, because the Township trucks will be passing your driveway a number of times, and they will be pushing snow back into that clean space. Eliminate high piles of snow that could create a vision problem at your driveway entrance and please do not throw snow out onto the cleaned plowed street as this is a hazard to motorists.

Please remember that fire hydrants and storm drains must be kept clear, so please lend a hand by clearing snow and ice from these areas when possible.